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European intellectual views on the Cult of Rajavi – Part3

Dena Peace and Freedom Association interviewed a European intellectual on the Cult of Rajavi(MKO/MEK). Ms. Shemeltz who is an expert and scholar on psychotherapy has personal and scientific experience about cults.

As the representative of Dena Peace and Freedom Association, Mr. Mohsen Abbasslou talked with the honorable expert, Ms. Shemeltz.

Mr. Abbaslou: Ms. Shemeltz can we regard Rajavi’s organization a cult? If yes, why?

Ms. Shemeltz: yes, I consider the MKO as a cult. Its leaders and members think that their ideology is the best of all and only their own ideology is right. This is one of the signs of cults. The other reason is that the member inside the organization cannot realize the true nature of the cult unless he gets out of it.
In a cult-like system, the main decisions are made behind the scenes. The truth is hidden, dark clouds surround the organization. Members can hardly ever see and understand what’s going on beyond these dark clouds.

The reality and the true face of the cult-like organization is only known to a very very few people who are completely trusted by the leader.

The leader of cult exposes his true intentions to those few confident members around him. We can investigate and psychologically, scientifically analyze just a few aspects of the reality and true substance of a cult based on experiences, knowledge and testimonies of its survivors.

We can scientifically analyze Mr. Rajavi’s true personality and intentions only if we can keep him under control and treatment in a clinic. By clinic, I mean that cult leaders usually have evil inner thoughts so they are considered dangerous psychos. We should view them as dangerous lunatic patients.

Such a patient that should be under 24-hour supervision, is now inaccessible . More dangerous is that, besides power and money he has a large number of individuals under his command. This can be very disastrous. Rajavi’s organization is also in line with cults and groups that have inhuman financial resources such as drug smuggling groups, human smuggling groups … If you push away the dark clouds around the cult of Rajavi, you will definitely find signs of these activities. Signs of human smuggling, drug trafficking, money laundry and document forging can be certainly found in the MKO. These activities are some of the ways they use to earn money. As I have studied the cults and have done a lot of research on the issue, I’m sure that the cult of Rajavi is not an exception.
To be continued
Dena Peace and Freedom Association – Translated by Nejat Society

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