MKO sends fake letters to International Organizations

According to anti Rajavi sources, MEK is trying to provide and send fake letters to UNHCR and other International Organizations
 Ex high ranking MEK member and human rights activist living in Europe, Mr. Behzad Alishahi
An Ex high ranking MEK member and human rights activist living in Europe, Mr. Behzad Alishahi has told MojahedinMonitor that MEK has been using identities of Iranians as well as non-Iranians to send fake letters and provide false information.
He mentioned, "MEK has been trying to approach families and friends of its hostages in Iraq and asks them to sign a letter.” He adds, “The MEK`s letter is nothing but the will of the cult leaders who are sitting in France and willing to keep their prisoners."
Alishahi Also described how MEK uses identities of different people to fake letters. He described that in the recent years the cult like organization has turned to asylum camps and labors to provide people for its gatherings in France and elsewhere. He says, “Iranians living abroad hate this group, therefore they gather people in need with a free trip to Paris and free food and accommodation.” He added that every individual has to provide MEK officials with his name, address, email and tell number in order to be qualified for the free tour. The information gathered in such way is later used for signing mass letters which are written by MEKs. In other words Rajavists write letters and just use name and information of those who have enjoyed from a free ride and tour of Paris.
MEK has a notorious reputation of violating human rights and terror. According to Human rights watch , members of MEK ( also known as Rajavi`s Organization) who are not willing to continue their cooperation with the group, have been imprisoned and tortured


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