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Undue Credit for a Terrorist Cult

Opening of MKO’s bureau in US cannot be regarded a success for MKO

Reports for opening of MKO’s political bureau in the United States have garnered considerable attention from among the group’s opponents and sympathizers. But the pertinent question is if the opening, just a few hundreOpening of MKO’s bureau in US cannot be regarded a success for MKOd meters from the White House, can be regarded a successful achievement for MKO. The removal of the group from the US FTO’s blacklist implies endorsement of condoning MKO’s terrorist nature for the time being and for certain reasons. As MKO no more brags on radical ideological differences with the US and has since preferably concealed the delight of what it believes to be a victory against the enemy. It seems that MKO has revolutionized the concept of imperialism, ideologically insisting on a face-to-face combat with American imperialism, as it is skillful to create   infrastructure about America as the US, even after its removal from the terrorists blacklist, has never expressed that MKO is excused for its past animosity and crimes.

America has never underestimated the appeal of anti-Americanism that ascends MKO’s worldview since its formation and which had a great impact on the opponents of the US to boost the strength of the organization in its claimed war against the imperialism. Although at the present any allusion to the past antagonism is removed from the sources of MKO, the US has still access to Massoud Rajavi’s last defenses made in Pahlavi’s regime military court when he attacked America saying:

“At the end of the war [World War II], another unjust imperialism emerged besides British. It was the United States of America that supported Kaoki in Vietnam and the reactionaries in other countries. In Iran, it even came to ask for its share. Mosaddeq’s mistake was his disregarding the US imperialism nature”.

There is no direct answer to the question that why MKO so eagerly attempts to garner the US attention but for certain it helps to better understanding of MKO’s opportunistic nature; it has always been looking for an alien element to rely on just as it did nearly three decades ago by moving to Iraq in agreement to operate under Saddam’s supporting umbrella. The ultimate outcome of alliance with Saddam was an ever-growing social hatred and antipathy towards MKO.

MKO has never cared for the people’s beliefs, opinions and objectives and Iranian people have never recognized MKO as their combating resistance in exile. The group’s press to be recognized the rightful resistance and democratic alternative is nothing more than a political gambit. If people really despised the current ruling regime and the difference among the authorities ruled as MKO claims, then, there would be no need for relying on an alien alliance to obtain alternative legitimacy! Massoud Rajavi, long arrogating the group’s leadership himself, has so far failed to explain why the positive publicity surrounds the ruling Islamic Republic and all MKO receives is an all-out unwelcome and negative share. Oddly enough, for decades he was accusing the US and other Western countries of compromising with Iran and completely forgetting the fact that they have been the old, tough adversaries. And he knows better than anybody that the US has arrived at a full understanding that MKO is not at all a political weight to be recognized a serious alternative.

Although at the present enjoying the support of the Hawks, MKO is said to be anticipating the Doves’ victory in the next presidential campaign that might promise an end to all oppositions and differences. However, it is hard to believe that MKO is shifting from an enthusiastic option of overthrowing the regime to a peaceful solution. It is doubtful that MKO might so easily sacrifice the little legitimacy garnered for its anti-Americanism sentiments which further reinforces the group’s hypocrisy and demonstrates it as non-trustable. Rajavi calls any investment in Iranian regime counter to democracy and human rights, but the West and the US are well aware that more absurd is to have the slightest investment, at least before the eyes of the public, in a terrorist cult that has neither any respect for the democracy nor for human rights. MKO rarely seems to get the credit it never deserves by being granted an active office near the White House. Although the official opening of the office seems a success that may reflect undue credit for MKO, but for certain it poses the US to challenging questions about such a decision.

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