Rajavi: from anti-Imperialism struggle to hanging onto America’s apron strings

Excerpt of Ebrahim Khodabandeh’s article published originally in Persian:

Mr. Khodabandeh says the only use of the MEK’s new Washington office near the White House is to keep the members trappeRajavi: from anti-Imperialism struggle to hanging onto America’s apron stringsd a bit longer. But that doesn’t seem to be working because they continue to run away whenever possible. He gives himself as an example of a typical member saying that he joined when the MEK believed in anti-Imperialism struggle. When they killed post-revolution government officials on 7th Tir, 1360 with a bomb, the MEK said it was ‘destroying America’s nest in Iran’ and Massoud Rajavi announced ‘we have rendered the regime without future and destroyed their contact with Imperialism by bombing this building and killing the people in it’.

The article says Rajavi lost his future when he turned his back on the people of Iran and sided with their enemy in Iraq, eventually changing sides completely and becoming a mercenary for the Americans. Khodabandeh says Rajavi will not survive by doing that. He concludes by saying that he worked for the MEK for 23 years and when he looks back now, anything else at all that he had done except that would have made him more proud.

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