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Maliki denied Mojahedin Khalq lobby remarks

Maliki denied Mojahedin Khalq lobby (ex American General) George Casey’s Remarks

Maliki’s office in a statement denied the accusations, and said, “In a special ceremony in Paris for the Maliki denied Mojahedin Khalq lobby (ex American General) George Casey’s RemarksMojahedin-e Khalq Organization that opposes the Iranian government Casey has claimed that Maliki had informed him that the leader of the Iranian Quds Brigade was behind the bombing in the holy shrine of Imam Hassan al-Askari and also claimed that he has evidence to prove Iran’s involvement in that bombing.”

“Maliki has denied Casey’s statements and we assure that investigations into this bombing proved that the al-Qaeda terrorist organization was behind the bombing, while al-Qaeda itself has also issued a statement confirming its role in the bombing,” the statement added.

“Maliki’s office asks the US to require its officials in Iraq to avoid neglecting honesty and professional discussions of all issues,” the statement concluded.

In a relevant statement on Sunday, the Iranian mission in Baghdad also strongly rejected the allegations raised by the US forces’ former commander in Iraq about Tehran’s involvement in the 2007 attack on the al-Askari shrines, cautioning that George Casey’s claim is aimed at projecting the blame on others.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Baghdad considers the remarks by General George Casey about Iran’s involvement in the blasts in the al-Askari shrines as a projection (of responsibility and blame) and an unfounded accusation against others to exonerate themselves from their own improper acts and it denies this accusation,” the Iranian mission in Baghdad said in a statement on Sunday.

Casey’s claim came as Shiite Iran and majority-Shiite Iraq have enjoyed growing ties ever since the overthrow of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, during the 2003 US invasion of the Muslim country.

Both sides are working on a series of plans to take wide strides in expanding their ties, in economic fields in particular.

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