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Filner’s friends, the Iranian MEK

So, exactly why did Mayor Filner rush off to Paris in June with little notice and less information about his purpose for going there?Filner’s friends, the Iranian MEK

Who or what had the clout to demand our mayor drop everything and appear in Paris forthwith?

The mayor’s staff did aver that a teeny part of the trip was to promote employment in San Diego through some vague ooh-lah-lahing in gay Paree.

That transparent dodge is laughable.

I hereby enter a California Public Records Request that the city announce any job, other than additional law-enforcement investigators, that resulted from that Gallic escapade.

The answer to those first two questions seem to be, in this order, Mr. Masoud Rajavi, and his Marxist-Muslim organization known as the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (translated “the people’s army) now known internationally as the MEK.

We get our first hint of all this by looking at the name of the organization that purportedly paid for this trip and a prior one.

The original report was that the trip was paid for by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities, a self-described IRS 501(c) authorized contributor.

And his purpose for going was ostensibly to attend a rally of the National Council of Resistance to Iran.

Yeah, right! Why would our mayor be required at their rally?

Too bad for that liar. The U-T Watchdog had the temerity to check with the IRS and found no such named organization in their files.

That didn’t faze the National Council’s representative because he is a practitioner of “taqiyya” the Islamic principle that one may lie about anything as long as it promotes his cause.

Sounds exactly like the American political left of which Mr. Filner is a card-carrying cardinal.

Oh, and there was no rally. Nor did Mayor Bob attend one of the city-related conferences that was the nominal rationale for the trip.

So what was really going on?

An easy check of open Internet sources, along with insight from some Iranian friends, paints a clear picture of Filner’s sinister conduct toward not only his city but his country.

Bob Filner is what used to be called a “red-diaper baby.”

These were the children of active communists.

Bob’s dad was Joseph Filner a senior official with the Communist Party of Pennsylvania.

Filner pere and his fellow Pittsburgh communist buddies were rewarded by the Soviet state with a franchise to market and otherwise dispose of Russian national assets while laundering Soviet currency making themselves wealthy, while millions of others suffered privation and death in the Soviet gulags.

The Filners, pere et fils, ought to be ashamed of their ill-gotten wealth.

Bob did not stray far from the political tree. He is a long-time member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

As a member of Congress, he helped found and was a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus created by the DSA.

The Progressive Caucus is now chaired by Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to be elected to the Congress.

Former Rep. Allen West was the only member brave enough to call them what they are: “…nearly all communists.”

Muslims and godless communists have nothing in common except their hostility to capitalism and democracy, so they make fine bedfellows for the time being.

When that nitwit Jimmy Carter ceded Iran to the Islamic terrorists and threw our secular ally Shah Reza Pahlavi under the Muslim juggernaut, he opened the country up to a vicious internal power struggle between the two major forces that brought the shah down.

One force was headed by the eventual winner, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his Shia Islamists.

They defeated Maroud Rajavi, the founder and leader of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, supposedly a Marxist-Muslim Party but actually the Soviet Communist proxy that was attempting to bring Iran within the Soviet ambit.

When the battle was over, Khomeini assured the peace by murdering a reported 6,000 MEK members in one night of terror.

That may be why there are hundreds of MEK members hiding in the United States under the organizational name given as the donor for Filner’s trip.

Any wonder that Rajavi, too, moved out of Iran? But where does he live now? You guessed it, Paris.

And that is who was able to and did have the clout to summon our mayor, on short notice, to appear at his residence in Paris to deal with a problem among the MEK and the U.S. Department of State, and the E.U. Foreign Affairs Office.

Once summoned, Filner had to attend because the MEK leader commands his respect, but also knows all there is to know about Filner and his work on behalf of the communists not only in the United States, but also throughout the Middle East.

The MEK was listed as a terrorist organization for many years because of its front-man status for the Soviets.

When the Soviet state collapsed because of the inherent flaw in socialism, the MEK was left without a sponsor.

No doubt they submerged their hatred for the “Great Satan” long enough to begin currying favor with the United States by providing intelligence about the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for being allowed to “come in out of the cold.”

How many tax dollars did Filner broker for the MEK in exchange for their help against their own old enemies?

It is likely that some fallout from this political back flip required Filner’s urgent attention.

Filner is likely helping this butcher’s organization through his ties to Muslim activist Keith Ellison and the rest of the DSA, oops I mean his Progressive Caucus colleagues.

I doubt if our chief of police knew any of this when he supposedly insisted that two of our officers, on our taxpayer’s dime, accompany Filner.

Did the chief know about Filner’s ties to the MEK and the danger that entailed anywhere in Europe where Iranian agents would have no trouble hurting our officers while trying to get at Filner?

In addition to Filner’s sexual peccadilloes, he hates everything decent Americans stand for and has spent his life trying to undermine our freedom and way of life.

Filner must be the master political charlatan to hide his MEK buddies and his lust for women from the thousands that voted for him in this last election.

Stirling, a former U.S. Army officer, has been elected to the San Diego City Council, state Assembly and state Senate. He also served as a municipal and superior court judge in San Diego. Send comments to larry.stirling@sddt.com. Comments may be published as Letters to the Editor.

By Larry Stirling, sddt.com

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