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Pentagon supports MEK, insurgent group collaboration

A former independent member of Iraq’s House of Representatives, Hussein al-Falluji, has revealed that from the time of their arrival, the occupying American forces granted the Mojahedin Khalq organisation immunity and freedom of movement within the country to coordinate with some other groups and political parties in Iraq.

Al-Falluji told Ashraf News that the Mojahedin Khalq enjoys unconditional support from the U.S. Department of Defense, adding that “the existence of this organization in Iraq poses a challenge for the country, especially with the growing violence in the country and the events experienced by Syria”.

He concluded that the situation posed by the MEK and the increasing number of extremist armed groups which are waiting for the opportunity to work together to target the security of Iraq poses a challenge. He called on the Iraqi government to work hard to remove the MEK from the country while respecting the internationally agreed human rights aspect.

Ashraf News, Baghdad , Translated by Iran Interlink

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