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MKO’s Lavishly Funded Sponsors Lash out at Geneva Deal

The MKO-run lobby in the US Congress is frustrated at the deal against made in Geneva that cracked the 3-dacade wall of mistrust between Iran and the US. Motivated by large amounts of money paid by the MKO and its large scale propaganda against the Iranian nuclear program, predictably the advocates of this formerly designated terrorist group rejected the deal.MKO’s Lavishly Funded Sponsors Lash out at Geneva Deal

Voice of Russia published a report on "a last ditch effort to derail diplomacy and garner support for regime change in the Islamic Republic" that took place on Capitol Hill. The briefing was organized by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization. VOR’s Sean Nevins wrote about the event, as well as his one-on-one interview with former Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Tom Ridge, and a discussion with the group’s propaganda agent in the US Ali Safavi.[1]

Nevins noticed that none of the speakers over the two-hour time span supported diplomatic efforts taking place in Geneva. Instead, they asked for "regime change" in Iran. For instance, he cites from an MKO advocate in Capitol Hill, Randy Weber, a Republican from Texas, saying, “We need regime change. That’s pure and simple.”[2]

The substantial fees they received from the MKO –20 thousand dollar for a 10-minute speech—have even convinced some politicians to deny any fact except those built up by the group’s propaganda.[3][4] Tom Ridge denies the most reliable and famous documents on the MKO violent substance. Asked by Nevins about the terror acts the MKO has committed, he claimed that the killing of American citizens during the 1970s in Iran were "allegations" while the State Department, Human Rights Watch, and the Rand Corporation said that the MEK was involved in those killings. [5]    

Among bribed advocates of the MKO, several of them began lashing out at nuclear deal. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs panel and a hawk on Iran who is also in the pay roll of the group for its ardent support of the group, said in a statement expressing his opposition to a provision of the nuclear deal with Iran that could make it easier for the country to repair its aging fleet of civilian aircraft. The MKO sponsor said, "America should exploit some of the vagaries in the agreement’s language and prevent Boeing from repairing Iranian aircraft until we have a final deal". [6] Not so surprisingly, Congressman Sherman favors more air crash for Iranian civilians since he has been several times seen in the MKO events in order to speak on behalf of the group promising them to "work closely" with them.

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Michelle Bachmann is another US high profile who runs both MKO and Israeli agenda in the Congress. In 2011 when she declared her candidacy for presidential election, the analyst journalist Michael Rubin criticized her for embracing a cult-like terrorist group that has been a Saddam Hussein’s accomplice. " I was disappointed, therefore, to see Bachmann’s uncritical support for the Mujahideen e-Khalq Organization (MKO)," He wrote in Commentary Magazine, ”there are certain incontrovertible facts: (1) the MKO has targeted Americans in past terrorist attacks; (2) they have embraced Saddam; (3) they operate as a cult which remains hostile to freedom, liberty, and democracy; and (4), they have very little if any support among Iranians in Iran." [7]

Recent news on Bachman reveals more about her corrupt career in which she never tries to conceal the lessons he has learned from her bribe givers, the MKO and Israel.  As the Truth Seeker reports, she was given more than US$25,000 for a trip to Israel for herself and her son earlier in November. The $25,000 covered accommodation at the luxurious David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, shopping in and sightseeing. [8]

Speaking at a gala for the Zionist Organization of America on the last Sunday in November, Bachmann told listeners, "It may be incumbent upon the Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] to make a decision he has no desire to make, and that would be to bomb facilities, that must be bombed, in Iran.” The author of the Truth Seeker piece denounces Bachman writing, "Although she isn’t selling sexual favors, she is effectively selling her charms to advocate a line that could ultimately result in war and the widespread loss of many innocent lives." [9]

In addition to other opponents of diplomacy with Tehran Senator Robert Menendez the Democratic chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee criticized President Barack Obama’s administration for agreeing to the deal under which Iran will accept restrictions on its nuclear program in exchange for limited relief from economic sanctions that have damaged its economy and cut deeply into its oil exports, reported Reuters. [10] Earlier this year Menendez received $2600 contributed by an MKO supporter in California named Masood Abooali, according to Austin Wright of Politico.com. [11]

Definitely the list of MKO-provoked politicians to derail diplomacy with Iran is hardly ever short. The group’s lavishly lobbying efforts in Capitol Hill to manipulate US representatives were closely witnessed by Sean Nevins of the VOR. This is how he puts his encounter with the MKO agents:

"Following my discussion with Tom Ridge, two people named Ali Safavi and Ben Borhani, from the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which is a political arm of the MEK, approached me to inquire about my questioning of the Secretary. They claimed that my concerns were part of a massive propaganda campaign targeted against the MEK by the Iranian regime."[12]

The VOR’s journalist who seems to be twisted by the MKO agents closes his article notifying that the 2009 Rand report on the MEK says they are “skilled manipulators of public opinion” with  a" long history of deception".[13]

Mazda Parsi


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