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The MKO frustrated by the Nuke deal, look to Congress and Israel

As the international community welcomes the historic deal reached between Iran and the world powers, there are some groups who oppose any deal with Iran. These groups include Israel and its advocates in Washington and its proxy force, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization.

The above mentioned groups form a complicated network that has so far tried hard to derail diplomacy between Iran and the West. They aided each other vigorously in order to launch war against Iran instead of reaching a peaceful solution for the Iranian nuclear issue. Fortunately their campaign did not succeed.

By the way, after the nuclear deal is reached, the MKO propaganda website reluctantly publishes the news under the neutral title “there is a deal in Vienna”. The short news of the nuclear deal put on the MKO’s propaganda website, is undermined by a tricky question in the subtitle: “What happens next?”. 

The biased report answers the question by magnifying the part of the US Congress in working out of any deal with Iran.

Having allied themselves with the warmongers of the US Congress, the Mujahedin Khalq have invested on their vote to reject the nuclear deal with Iran: “Both houses of Congress now have 60 days to review the deal and hold hearings. While that is going on, the president cannot wave sanctions against Iran on his own authority.

“If Congress does vote to reject the deal, the president most likely would veto that measure. Two third of each house (67 votes in Senate and 290 votes in the House) could then vote to override the veto. If that override fails, the president can seal the deal and lift those sanctions.”

However, The MKO is definitely disappointed by what President Obama called a "comprehensive long-term deal".  Obama has promised that he will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of the deal. Thus, the MKO’s lobbying campaign in the Congress has to spend large amounts of money to override the veto.

 The controversial reaction of the MKO propaganda machine towards the N deal was followed by the so-called statement of the group leader Maryam Rajavi. In the statement, she blames the West for “many shortcomings and unwarranted concessions” to the Iranian government and for not being decisive enough to stop Iranian nuclear program while she claims that the deal represents “a reluctant retreat” by the Iranian leader!

Maryam Rajavi’s fallacious argument continues. This is another example of her fallacy: “The nuclear program that projected the power of the velayat-e faqih regime for the past quarter century is now a source of the mullahs’ weakness and impasse”!

She does not explain that if the nuclear program is “a source of weakness and impasse” for the Islamic Republic, so how come that the nuclear deal is “a reluctant retreat” for it?

Puzzled by its current declining instable situation in Iraq and the likely rapprochement of the West and Iran, the MKO has no way out except tying its survival to the US warmonger like John Bolton and The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as both see the deal disastrous for themselves. Netanyahou called the historic deal between Iran and the West a “historic mistake” while the majority of the world confirm that the deal is the start of a path to the international peace.  

By Mazda Parsi

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