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New Evidence on MKO-Israel Alliance to Thwart Nuclear Deal

Attempts by Israel and American GOP and also the mujahedin Khalq organization (the MKO) to push the West towards more hostility against Islamic Republic have so far failed. However, measures of the efforts were not clear to the world until the recent news was published on the bribes given to US republicans by the Israeli state.

 The historic nuclear agreement with Iran, labeled the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was negotiated for months and finally signed by Iran and the U.S., UK, Russia, China, France (the P5) and Germany (+1) on 14 July, 2015.

According to the deal Iran has promised to eliminate its supply of medium-enriched uranium, decrease its supply of low-enriched uranium by 98% and reduce approximately two-thirds the total number of gas centrifuges for 13 years. The deal is objectively good but perhaps more importantly, it has allowed both the West and Iran to declare victories through diplomacy, avoiding any military action.

The outcomes of the deal was very appalling for the three above- mentioned groups. It was a failure for the Israeli lobby AIPAC and the MKO’s lobby who had spent large amounts of money for their lobbying campaigns to obstruct the deal.

Their target audience in the congress are paid large sums to run the anti-Iran agenda. Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas is one of the vocal Iran Hawks in the Us Congress. New revelations about his corrupt relations with Israel has been recently published. “Given his ardent support, the Israel lobby paying for U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton’s recent trip to Israel  with his wife likely has little complaint that it was the third most expensive congressional junket in 15 years,”  according to the report posted on Arkansas Blog. [1]

 The travel was sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation, the charity arm of pro-Israel lobbying giant AIPAC. About $14,000 was spent on transportation, $4,000 on lodging and meals and $18,000 on other expenses, which includes a $7,000 bill for security in a region characterized by volatility. [2]

Daily News Bin described Tom Cotton as the one who “spearheaded a letter signed by forty-seven republicans who informed Iran’s leadership that they would do everything they could to undermine the deal if they ever gained executive power.” The report denounces Cotton for his “hyperbolic and dishonest rhetoric against the deal which often had him sounding like a cartoon character.” [3]

Cotton was bought by Israel for a good price.” It turns out he had a good reason to be so one-sided: Israel gave him a million dollar campaign contribution for his efforts,” according Daily News Bin. [4]

What the news websites just revealed a week ago had been previously covered by Eli Clifton of the Lobloge in March 2015. He noticed the alliance between the MKO and Tom Cotton in an article titled “Tom Cotton Allies Himself with the MEK”. [5]

About the association of the MKO and the Zionist agent Tom Cotton, Clifton states:

”But Cotton and the MEK share a common agenda when it comes to the nuclear negotiations with Iran. In a controversial video appearance from her Paris headquarters before the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on counterterrorism last week, the group’s co-leader, Maryam Rajavi, recommended that the best way to defeat the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq was to pursue regime change in Iran. And, in January, Cotton, a protégé of Bill Kristol of the Emergency Committee for Israel, told an audience at the Heritage Foundation:

“Certain voices call for congressional restraint urging Congress not to act now, lest Iran walk away from the negotiating table, undermining the fabled yet always absent moderates in Iran. But the end of these negotiations isn’t an unintended consequence of congressional action. It is very much an intended consequence — a feature, not a bug.” [6]

21st Century Wire also suggests, “Tom Cotton has proven early just how low he is willing to go for money and power.” It makes fun of the Senator’s failed attempt to thwart the nuclear deal. “The other reason for Cotton running point on this failed mission is obvious: he was paid to do it. “ [7]

According to the Wire, the US senators are also paid by the other Iran’s foe, the MKO:

 “In addition, many American politicians – both Republicans and Democrats, including Rudolph Giuliani and Howard Dean, regularly pocket thousands of dollars each from the “Iranian-American” lobbying front representing the wealthy cult terrorist organization known as MEK (aka MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult). In exchange for money, US politicians will speak publicly on behalf of the MEK and their cause for ‘regime change’ in Iran, and US politicians will regularly tell crowds of exiled Iranian donors that the US will “liberate” Iran for them. Granted, US politicians are selling pure fantasy here, but it’s this fantasy which keeps their campaign coffers full. Did Tom Cotton also receive money from the MEK/Iranian-American lobby too? We’d like to know.

“More than anything, this was a crass and cowardly attempt by the GOP and the Israeli and MEK lobbies – to push the US closer towards war footing with Iran – a country which has not attacked any of its neighbors in 400 years.” [8]

Mazda Parsi


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