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Nuclear deal defeated the MKO call for rearmament

While the nuclear negotiations were ongoing between Iran and the six world powers, the Mujahedin Khaq Organization (the MKO) was making efforts to obstruct the talks. Its propaganda arm, National Council of Resistance and its numerous propaganda websites was widely concentered on the so-called revelations about the Iranian nuclear program. Even a few days before the final agreement between Iran and P5+1 was reached, the MKO propaganda trie to launch the last propaganda show claiming to reveal an Iranian clandestine nuclear site. However, the masquerade was ignored by the international community as well as the previous ones.

The MKO’s agenda included another campaign too. The group’s propaganda had been calling for the rearmament of the group since last year. The call for the MKO rearmament was the permanent logo on top of the group’s website until a few days ago. Now, the logo is not seen on the website any more. How come that the MKO do not ask for weapons anymore?

Regarding that the MKO had officially asked the Iraqi and American officials to give their personal arms back to them, allegedly for self-defense against Iranian-backed forces in Iraq, the new shift in the group’s agenda indicates disappointment and confusion of the leaders after the nuclear deal regarding the fact that the situation in Iraq is still critical and unsafe.

As a matter of fact, before the nuclear agreement, there was always a possibility for a US-Israeli invasion against Iran. In case of a military invasion against Iran, an armed MKO would have had the capacity to get prepared to be at service of the invaders as it has the eight-year long experience of serving the enemy of Iran, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Besides, the progress of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria had given the MKO the hope to become an accomplice for ISIS in order to fight Islamic Republic.

By the way, tangled between the supporters and opponents of the nuclear deal in the US government, the MKO propaganda seems too confused to be able to choose an option. Giving up the call for rearmament is another sign of the MKO’s decline.

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