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Nejat families’ determined to liberate all MKO Cult hostages

On Tuesday August31, 2015 some families of MKO hostages gathered together at Nejat Society office, Khuzestan branch.

The meeting was to look at the Cult function in transferring Camp Liberty residents to Albania.

Mr. Hamid Hasani; MKO defector while offering the latest news on the transfers, presented some explanations on the way the Cult acts in relocating TTL residents to Albania.

Mr. Hasani reiterated that the families’ efforts and the ex-members’ revelations on the Cult has forced the MKO leaders to accept the members’ transfer to third countries.

Director of Nejat Society Khuzestan branch called on families to continue their efforts until all captives of MKO Cult be released from the physical and mental barriers of the cult.

Mr. Ali Ekrami ; another cult survivor offered some explanations on the Cult history as  well as the causes of the cult demise. 

At the end Nejat families emphasized:

“Our ultimate goal is not just to visit our beloved ones, rather we will do our best to liberate all those who are captivated behind the bars of Rajavis Cult and to bring them a normal life. Our presence in front of Camp Ashraf and our direct observations on the Cult inhumane practices has multiplied our determination to liberate all the Cult hostages. “

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