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Families firm will to liberate their beloveds from the MKO Cult

On Friday May29,2015 some families of MKO captives gathered together at Nejat Society office, Khuzestan [Ahwaz} branch. The participants included: the family of Mohammad Javad Mirsalari, Mohammad Karimi, Nasrin Allafpur, Mohammadsaeed Abidnejad, Mahdavi, Naseri Karimvand, Amir Mazrae, Ali Ebrahimi, Abdolreza and Adyan.

At Nejat Society office the families met the MKO former member; Rostam Alboqobeysh.

Mr. Alboqobeysh described the cultic techniques in tricking individuals into joining the MKO Cult since nobody is willing to join a terror cult all of a sudden.

Mr. Alboqobeysh reiterated that the members are completely unaware of the outside world and that within the cult they are under severe manipulative techniques. So they are both physically and mentally captives of the Cult leaders. They lack the confidence to make decisions for themselves. So family plays a very important role in liberating the hostages from the MKO Cult.

The families insisted on their firm will in liberating their beloved ones and said that nobody can deprive us from this legitimate right.

Nejat Society Khuzestan branch

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