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MKO Ready to help for all Sorts of Assistance to KSA

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Maryam Rajavi, the Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization’s (MKO) leader said in a meeting with the Saudi ambassador in France: We ready to help for all sorts of assistance to Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA).

She recently in response to the request of Saudi leaders while supporting Saudi attacks to Yemen said that they do not hesitate to help the Saudi kingdom and war and struggle with the Shiites and supporters of the Iranian revolution is one of the main policies of this organization in a meeting with Saudi ambassador in France.

She added that they have always performed it which is coordinated with Saudi’s policies when they were in Iran and now in Iraq as well.

Rajavi further added to Saudi ambassador in France that they appreciate Saudi kingdom for its financial support to this organization in recent years and announced their readiness to do missionaries for Saudi Arabia for getting rid of financial problems that have been caught in 4 past years and also to release of Iraqi government’s pressure to leave the country and asked Saudis to provide them a suitable base, anywhere in Saudi Arabia, to settle there.

Due to hostile performance of this organization toward Iraqi people and government going out of these people from Iraq to other countries is a major priority of the Iraqi government and Iraqi people and they have always demanded the expulsion of this group from their territory.

After the fall of Saddam and the intensification of pressure on this organization, officials of this group went to European countries such as France and have stayed there and they are looking for a new country to transfer other troops and their facilities. There is possibility that Saudis agree their transition to their country in exchange of MKO’s intelligence and military operations in favor of Saudi Arabia.

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