A group of 11 Camp Liberty residents arrived in Tirana

Another group of MKO members residing at Camp Liberty as a temporary transit location transferred to Albania late last week, reported by Nimnegah Website.

Based on the reports the main building of the Cult of Rajavi in Tirana is under the strict control of high ranking members of the cult and in the main base they have installed closed circuit cameras. Just as in the Liberty Camp, members do not have access to the outside world in Tirana.

The group of 11 Camp Liberty residents who transferred to Albania comprised of 10 women and a man, Nimnegah reported as saying.

MKO leaders prevent any news to come out from those transferred to Albania. The cult elements in Tirana threatened the dispatched members not to give any information about the newly arrived.

Tirana has offered to house some 210 members of the MKO in Albania.

سرویس محتوا

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