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Survivors’ Report- Editorial (No. 22)

News of the imminent disbandment of the group there prompted a flurry of activity among the MKO’s legion of lawyers in an effort to create more bluster and bluff. Exactly as when the Iraqi interim government voted to have the group expelled from Iraq in December 2003. The MKO’s ‘demand’ – if it were in a position to make any such demand – has been for the total 3000+ combatants based in Iraq to be moved wholesale to another base, in another country.

The absurdity of such a demand renders it obvious that such stances taken by the MKO are for internal consumption. The leaders – and probably their highly paid lawyers too -are well aware that no such option exists.

Bulgarian troops will start their mission toward the end of March or early April. We expect that the disbandment of the MKO’s terrorist base in Iraq will be a priority. The 370 former MKO who have repatriated to Iran are being followed up to ascertain their current circumstances. This will no doubt determine whether it is possible that more of the MKO’s rank and file could be successfully and safely repatriated to Iran to be reunited with their families.

Inside Iran, the execution of MKO member Hojat Zamani rightly attracted the attention of human rights groups who condemn the use of the death penalty and who point out that Zamani did not receive a fair trial. Following the interrogation of all the MKO’s combatants in Iraq after the forced disarmament, the USA has identified those who are known to have conducted terrorist acts in Iran which have caused death and injury.

There is no doubt that these particular individuals will not be able to return home to Iran. Interestingly, the Mojahedin’s interpretation of Zamani’s execution was not based on his terrorist actions. Ignoring the deaths of innocent citizens, the MKO has predicted Zamani’s execution to be the prelude for a "massacre" of Mojahedin prisoners in Iranian jails. It is not known exactly how many such prisoners are still held in jails, but the MKO’s need for fresh blood to maintain its fictional position as the main opposition to Iran’s regime has been well served by Zamani’s death.

As the Open Secrets article shows this month, the MKO’s ideology demands that members like Zamani be sacrificed, and this is not the first time they have deliberately created the conditions in which a member has been killed. Indeed, the Rajavis’ bloodthirsty disregard for the lives of their members is taking on the status of legend. February saw yet another attempt by the MKO to be removed from the global lists of terrorist entities on which the organisation has been placed. The case brought by the MKO against the Council for Europe in 2002 was heard on February 7th in the Court of First Instance of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The Mojahedin’s cynical attempt to claim to the Court that the organisation has renounced violence was proven an outright lie when it published pictures and film on its own website of the military parade held in Camp Ashraf. Disarmed combatants dressed in their new military garb and waving the flag adopted by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) marched along with huge mock-ups of artillery pieces. The message was loud and clear. Give us back our weapons!

Iran-Interlink/March 2006

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