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Beware of Maryam Rajavi’s deception

open letter to Régine Deforge

Dear Ms Régine Deforge

I am Nasrin Ebrahemi a defected member of the People’s Mujahidin Organization of Iran (Rajavi Cult). Due to my decade long membership and work with this Cult, have a deep and thorough knowledge of them. I got to know you through your website and your news broadcasted on the Rajavi Cult’s websites.

Having read your comments about Mariyam Rajavi, who has many atrocities about the women inside her cult, was deeply moved and wondered how they could have deceived people like yourself by feeding them with false information and taking advantage of their humanitarian feelings.

Rajavi Cult is based on lies and deception from the day one. Rajavis even mislead and betray their own members. This is the only methodology that Maryam Rajavi and her Cult utilize to keep the Cult going. They never tell you about their horrific atrocities inside their Organization. They only use the nice western accepted terminologies that would move any human being. This is so especially when it is said about the women. About the 1000 women who have washed their hands off their life, beloved ones and whatever they have had to stay in the struggle. The stories that had deceived the same 1000 women who are now trapped in the Camp Liberty and can’t get out. This and other similar stories are what are used to lead others on with.

I am one of those 1000 women that Maryam Rajavi has been lying about them to yourself and the rest of world. The fabricate stories that these women have freely chosen to leave whatever they have had because of the love of freedom and willingly entered their Cult is a total lie.

Maryam Rajavi claims to be women supporter, were she and her organization breach basic rights of the women inside their Cult. This is whilst Masoud and Maryan Rajavi are married to each other, forced their members to divorce their spouse. They did not stop at this, and went further and brutally forced them to separate from their children. Some of whom were still being breast feeded. And the excuse was the war in Iraq.

Visiting your husband or wife was not only forbidden. The next step was to report to Rajavi if they missed their loved ones or even thought of them for a second. Never mind that any communication with outside Camp Ashraf was absolutely forbidden, and no one had the means of doing so. If any woman or any man thought of their ex-spouse or child and worried about their condition, would be taken to Ideological courts which would be frightened to death to make a lesson out of it for the future and for the others too.

Having a nice look was forbidden. In order to destroy and tendency towards life outside Camp Ashraf, Maryam Rajavi used to tell us, “I like your tanned faces, I don’t like you having nice complexion, your hands should bear the scars of hard work under the sun”, bearing in mind that we experienced horrific temperatures 50-60 degree centigrade in Iraqi hot climate.

By the way had you seen Maryam Rajavi’s her own complexion, or hands? She never experienced any sun, never mind Iraq sun.She did not stop at that. She forced some women to go under operation to be spayed. This was done to kill the sense of ever having a child. Maryam Rajavi recognizes the equality of man and woman in hard labor work. Some women were crippled under such hard labor in the Camp.

Did you know that leaving the Camp Ashraf was forbidden? If anybody wanted to leave the Camp, he or she would be eliminated. Alan Mohammedi was one of those women who wanted to leave the Camp. She was eliminated. She was only 16 years of age. Did Maryam Rajavi tell you that there are many women that commit suicide because they cannot take the situation in the Camp Asharf.

I remember when there was a guest from outside as like a reporter or women activists, a very tense security atmosphere was created. No visitor was taken to visit the men, since they were scared of them tell the horrific facts of inside the Camp. All those who were supposed to come in contact with the visitor were strictly chosen and briefed to watch what they say and only those who were selected were allowed to talk and say what they were dictated to say. While we were sitting at a far distance from the visitor wished that there was a drop of freedom to the guest about the hell we were in, and wished the visitor could take us out of it.

Dear Ms Régine Deforge

You believe in the Freedom of Women’s Dress. Have you ever asked Maryam Rajavi why is it that the dressing especially covering the head in Camp Ashraf is mandatory? Did you know that if a few of our hair was out of the mandatory scarf we were severely humiliated in the ideological courts. Did you know that we could not have any makeups what so ever? We could not have put on colored clothing.

Those women that you called them with dignity and their poise had gained your praise are starving for a drop of freedom inside the Cult of Maryam Rajavi, where everything has been taken away from them. They can’t have a normal life, can’t think of their loved ones, can’t visit their families, can’t contact them. Can’t have a child, can were whatever they wish like Maryam Rajavi.

I hope that Maryam Rajavi had told you the realities about the struggle of these women. She used to tell us that we all belong to Masoud Rajavi, her husband. Our soul and body must be for him. We were told that without Masoud, we women did not mean anything. You must be ready to sacrifice your lives for him whenever he wanted. He owns our souls, blood and breath. You will leave Masoud only in your coffin.

But as far as Rajavies were concerned, the struggle before the Iraqi dictator Saddam was toppled, meant, to work on the broken second world war tanks that Saddam gave as present to Rajavis with only 4000 members all over the world, which about 70% of them were over aged and retired, to topple a country with an army of 2 million or so personnel. (90% of the members of the Modjahedin were at their 20s or 30s when they broke with the Iran regime in 1980 and were forced to leave Iran.) On the other hand we had to be proud that we are the only women in the world that have access to tanks. This is the progress we have made. We were lead to believe so, and forced to do hard labor like cutting the grass by hand, displace heavy parts of Tanks, and armored vehicle, Kitchen works and you name it. But shortly we found that all we have been told to free our country is just a mirage. This has left us wishing to be freed from this hell we were in, and almost forgotten the Regime in Iran.

This is only one out of thousands that I could put in this letter to you. I beg you to investigate more about this cult, don’t let them play with your humanitarian feelings. Ask Maryam Rajavi to let only one of your books to be circulated within the cult. She will not even let the name of your books to be circulated never mind the book itself. This is the red line within the Cult. No information, no news no books no article … can circulate outside their very much censored information controlled by them to be circulated. I ask you to personally hand in your books within the members of her cult. And monitor the results. If you are successful there would be no body left for her in her cult. All the members are kept away from the normal life and news and the information of the real life. They are not allowed to watch TV even in Europe or anywhere outside Iraq.

Maryam Rajavi is scared to death if the people in camp Liberty come out to a third country and disclose the atrocities committed against the members. She prefers them to die in there and use it for propaganda purpose for her cult. The best result for her is, all members to be killed by the terrorists in the Camp Liberty. So she can make martyrs out of them to use it to play with the feelings of very humanitarian people like you.

I you permit me I can give you great deal of information about our lives in Camp Ashraf and all the pains that are being suffered in there due to the cult rules applied there.

Best regards

Nasrin Ebrahimi, Setaregan Association, Switzerland

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