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Memoirs of Abdulkarim Ebrahimi, MKO defector

I am Abdulkarim Ebrahimi, 47, from Ilam, Iran. I left the Mujahedin Khalq Organization in 2012, after 24 years of imprisonment behind the bars of the anti-Iranian cult. I could manage to escape the MKO after

Memoirs of Abdulkarim Ebrahimi, MKO defectorthe relocation of the second convoy in Camp Liberty. I rushed to Iraqi Police station while MKO guards were chasing me. Finally, leaving the MKO security forces behind, I thrived to reach Iraqis.

Before my escape, when I was in Camp Ashraf, I had several times asked for permission to leave the organization but not only the MKO leaders refused my request, but also they verbally abused me, humiliated and mentally tortured me.

In 1994, after 5 years of membership in the group, together with a large number of other members, I was imprisoned by the cult authorities, under the pretext that they didn’t trust us. We were jailed in a prison in Camp Ashraf where we were physically and mentally tortured. I recall one of my fellow prisoners whose head had been entirely swelled due to severe beatings.

I entered the MKO in 1989 after I was deceived by the phony promises of the group. As soon as I arrived in the MKO, I found myself as a hostage in a inhumane cult where I even didn’t have the right to think freely. Any kind of socializing with others was forbidden as a “plot”. Members were under a 24-7 controlling system that forced them to attend daily and weekly sessions of inquisition. During these sessions members had to confess their thought and dreams, even sexual ones, in front of others. I myself was humiliated and verbally abused in these meetings several times.

The leaders of the MKO – who all the time claim that Camp Liberty is like a prison – are the main people who turned the MKO Camps into a prison. The MKO prison is so exceptional that its prisoners – the same members – are not allowed to contact their families, either by phone of by letter. They have no access to the Internet and other mass-media. They are forbidden to visit their loved ones. They have no news of the outside world but prisoners in the whole world, even under the worst dictatorships, at least are allowed to visit their families or even take a few days off to go home.

The MKO camps have been turned into a horrible jail because: relations and conditions are very oppressive, and tyranical, under cult-like practices members are manipulated, they are kept in an absolute ignorance, celibacy is obligatory, children are separated from their parents, emotional relations are forbidden as well as sexual relations, there is no access to mobile, Radio, TV, newspapers and the Internet. News, books and films are filtered by the cult authorities.

Therefore, I ask the United Nations Organization and the families of Liberty residents to try their best for salvation of my former friends who are still taken as hostages in the cult of Rajavi. In order to release them, the presence of residents’ families in Iraq is vital.

By Iran Fanous

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