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Nejat Society holds meeting in Semnan

Former members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization attended press conference in Semnan.

The meeting titled “Metamorphosis of the MKO” organized by Nejat Society on Saturday May3rd, 2014. The four former members of the MKO who addressed the audience described the current condition of the group in Iraq.

Ronak Dashti, Ibrahim Khodabandeh, Ali Ekrami and Iraj salehi spoke of the support of US and Israel for the MKO terrorist cult.

Ebrahim Khodabandeh, former official of the MKO’s international relations and former member of the so-called National Council of Resistance ,declared that over 500 MKO members have returned to Iran,” Today 3000 people are residing in Camp Liberty,” he added.

Ebrahim Khodabandeh who was a member of the group for 23 years said:”Nejat Society’s objective is to get humanitarian aid to rescue the 3000 individuals who are taken as hostages by MKO.”

“Considering that the MKO is not a political , social or security issue right now but it is a humanitarian issue, we should do our best to help them release and to relieve their families,” said Mr. Khodabandeh.

He added:”The main victims of the cult are always their members.”

Regarding Israel and the American warmongers as the only supporters of the MKO, Khodabandeh revealed that the group’s financial resources actually come from Israel, Saudi Arabia and its fraudulent charity works.

Iraj Salehi, former member of the MKO’s Central Council stated that Camp Ashraf has been shut down and the MKO members are residing in a 25000 square meter area. A few dozen of Liberty residents have been relocated in European countries including Germany and Albania where a number of these asylum seekers defected the group.

Ronak Dashti, another former member addressed the conference:”The situation of female members of the group is much worse than male members.”

“While I was never affiliated with the group, I was kidnapped by its recruiters,” she said. She described how she was deceived to join the group, “I had gone to Turkey to continue my studies but my uncle who was the group’s member took me to Iraq where I was imprisoned in the cult structure for several years.”

Ali Einakian, former member of the group Foreign Relations and its central Council told reporters,” The US and Zionists view the MKO worse and more despised than monarchists but their interests and policies make them support the group.”

Noting the alleged list of global terrorists that the US provides every year, Einakian said,” This list is the list of terrorists but it is the list that clarifies the US’s enemies and friends. Those who kill people in Syria are not in the list but a half of Lebanon’s parliament members or Palestine statesmen are in the list. Those who slaughter people are not in the list because they want to be independent.”

The MKO former members representing Nejat Society organize series of meeting title “Metamorphosis “of the MKO to enlighten the Iranian youth and students in Semnan province. The first meeting was held in shahroud.

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