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Collapse of Morality in the MKO

From Stealing Flowers to Sexual Abuses

The reports and documents published on the MKO camps, demonstrate that morality has been deleted from the group’s internal relations.

 Morality is defined as a particular system of values and principals of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society. It gives the person or society the extent to which an action is right or wrong. In a moral-based society people obey moral and human values including helping others, offering sympathy to others, being honest, being polite… These do’s and don’ts are less or more practiced and respected in normal societies.

Nonetheless, in the Cult of Rajavi (the MKO) from the peak of the cult’s hierarchy – where Massoud Rajavi stands – moral values have been violated and even confused with immoral values.

For instance, marriage, maternal love, family life are regarded by the MKO leaders as counter values. In turn, polygamy, treason and divorce –that are usually considered as counter values– are recommended values in the Cult of Rajavi. The leader of the MKO is able to marry as many wives as he wants – up to the number of the Cult’s Elite Council, about 600 women. He can sleep with all of them while male members of the group are not allowed to marry or even to think of the opposite sex otherwise they are humiliated and punished by the cult system. Not only polygamy is considered a value but also dishonesty of the cult leader is viewed as an ordinary.

The most recent case of immoral acts in the MKO was covered by French media. Last week, French newspaper Le Figaro reported that plant pots decorating graves in a cemetery in Auver Sur d’Oise were found in the MKO base. “The 59 year old widow followed the path of the plant on her computer. Imagine her surprise to find that the floating plant came to rest in the premises of the NCRI, based in Auvers since 1980,” reported Le Figaro. The French newspaper also reported that besides the hydrangeas other plants were found that might have been stolen from other graves in the cemetery, where such disappearances have intensified over the past year despite the precautions taken by the municipality.

The news of the new Rajavi’s scandal was widely covered by former members of the cult. It was followed by numerous cases of memoirs and experiences of former members about stealing objects for the group. Former senior interpreter of the MKO, Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad recited that stealing goods was called “Liberating” in the MKO.

He believes that robberies by cult members should be measured as “ideological” because they are indoctrinated by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and their Machiavellian ideas that justify every means to get the goal.

In ex-members memos and evidences you read about all sorts of stolen items from Iraqi tanks and artilleries for the MKO army to suits and ties for the group’s gatherings. The whole stories indicate the awful decline in values in the cult of Rajavi. Defectors recall that at that time they were proud of their immoral acts.

Furthermore, as we witness the evidences of female defectors such as Batoul Soltani, we realize that every women who was more dedicated to Rajavi’s sexual desires was more admired and more glorified by the cult leaders. This was definitely the outcome of the manipulative indoctrination structure of Massoud Rajavi’s cult of personality. The lust of the MKO authorities for absolute obedience of members prompts them to suggest he evil as good.

By the way, the stolen plant that made a French citizen sue the MKO might be a very small step to counter the huge immoral and inhuman acts of the MKO leaders but it is an indicator of collapse of morality in a group that when its leader was arrested by French Police in 2003, millions of dollars were found in her base.

It is a pity that more crucial crimes and counter values practiced in the MKO are ignored by the international community. Leaders of the group are not brought to justice for their inhumane acts. There are countless records and documents of these cases of abuses in the MKO but they have not been investigated seriously by judicial bodies yet.

Mazda Parsi

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