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Iraq: No country accepts residents of Camp Liberty except Iran

No country accepts giving asylum to the remaining residents of Camp Liberty except Iran

In an interview with Iraqi media, the Human Rights Minister of Iraq Mohammad Mehdi al Bayati also touched on the issue of the Mojahedin Khalq and the remaining people in Camp Liberty near Baghdad.

He was asked about the situation of these people. He replied that “the MEK has been designated a terrorist organisation by the United Nations and the United States hence has not been eligible for refugee status after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. We have however looked at their situation with the help of the Interior ministry but we have not found any legal basis for them to remain in this country”.

He also added “We have informed the Red Cross and United Nations in Baghdad that Iraq rejects the presence of these people and their temporary accommodation is based only on the humanitarian nature of our help”. He added that “All other countries have declined to give asylum to these people, but Iraq has approached the Islamic Republic of Iran through our ambassador in Tehran and officials there have responded that all the MEK members have been pardoned and can come back to Iran without being prosecuted. There are, of course, 50 names of the leaders of this group who do not enjoy the blanket pardon given by Iran.

Iraq al Ghanoon, Translated by Iran Interlink

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