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Iran-Zanan representatives meet Christian Democratic Union member

On Monday 6th July, 2015 members of Iran-Zanan [Women’s] Association met Ms. Julia Klöckner; the German politician and member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany or CDU.

Ms. Batul Soltani and Ms. Homeyra Mohammadnejad from Iran-Zanan association met Ms. Klockner in the “Landtag” building.

Iran-Zanan representatives cautioned on the expansion of the MKO Cult in the European countries. As former members of the MKO cult who experienced the manipulation techniques of the group, they called on the European states to bound the activities of the destructive cult of Mujahdin-e- Khalq members on their soil and prevent the group’s cultic practices. They also asked the countries to help former members of the Cult.  

Representatives of the Iran-Zanan Association warned on the group’s efforts to establish and expand bases in Albania which would be completely under the control of the MO Cult leaders, spending huge amounts of money. They notified that they have informed the Albanian officials at the countries’ embassy in Germany.

They defined the cult-like techniques of the group in tricking individuals living in refugee camps into joining the group.

Iran-Zanan representatives also mentioned some manipulative techniques of the MKO Cult such as systematic self-immolations under the order of cult leaders, having no access to the outside world:” The members have no access to radio, TV and newspapers other than what is fed them”, having no family relationships and refuting the dissatisfied members to leave the cult.

They also mentioned the inhumane efforts of the MKO cult towards the disassociated members in order to silence them and prevent them from exposing the cult.

The Iran-Zanan association also referred to the group leader’s intrinsic belief in armed struggle.

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