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What is behind the alleged “widespread campaign of MEK supporters” in Iran?

Despite its collaboration with Saddam Hussein, the enemy of Iran who killed so many Iranians as a result of unjustified war and its past violence against Iranians and others, yet the MKO for years claimed to have the support of Iranian people. The MKO’s propaganda arm the so-called National Council of Resistance always pretends to be “resistance of the Iranian people”.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) foundation, the group’s propaganda website has published a video on what it calls “widespread campaign of MEK supporters in Iran”. The group’s website claims that its supporters “have carried out an extensive campaign across Iran to mark the MEK’s 50th anniversary” but what the video shows seems really ridiculous and ludicrous using the phrase: “an extensive campaign across Iran”.

The alleged video shows portraits of Maryam Rajavi and the logo of the MKO hung in different locations of Iranian cities, particularly Tehran. Of-course, the locations shown in the video look very unpopulated area.  The report that came with the Video boasts that "Brave residents of Tehran, who are part of the PMOI’s social network inside Iran, also hoisted a large banner bearing the image of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance". It also shows a poster hung at Freedom Square in Tehran, that seems very small compared with the huge Freedom Tower.

As a matter of fact the alleged video does not show any public support for the Mujahedin inside Iran. You can even see people walking by the posters ignoring them. It is clear that the MKO does not enjoy any support among Iranian people and this fact is evidently exposed even in the group’s propaganda video. So, one may wonder who films these clips and who hangs this pictures and posters. Ms. Sahar Adibzadeh, former member of the MKO recounts her experience of working for as an MKO recruiter in Iran.

Adibzadeh who was in her early twenty when she was recruited by a friend –who was also an MKO victim– explains how she was brainwashed by a woman called Zahra who used to call her from Germany. After several phone calls, “I felt Iran would be like heaven if they were in power”, Sahar Adibzadeh says, although the first time she saw a photo of Maryam Rajavi that Zahra had sent to her, she had no idea of who she was.

“They asked me to enlarge the photo”, Sahar says. “I was afraid that the print technician would recognize the picture but it was interesting that no one knew her…”  Sahar was ordered to put the photo on a wall on Shariati Street and to take a photo of it. “I was told that in case I was not able to do the task by myself I should pay a person to do it for me,” she says. It is worth mentioning that the MKO continued to charge Sahar with these types of duties until it asked her to recruit other youngsters who wished to emigrate from Iran to Europe. She was paid for all the tasks she did for the MKO.

 About her recruitment method, Sahar says,” I talked with my friends and relatives about going abroad. I told them about a charity that would aid them to go to Europe as soon as they arrive in Turkey as a tourist.” The recruited youth then were caught in the MKO trap. They were sent to Camp Ashraf, Iraq, where exit was forbidden. They turned into victims of the horrific mind control system of the MKO cult, taken as hostages. Sahar regrets her past for trapping innocent Iranian youngsters into the hands of MKO.

Furthermore, her testimony clarifies that the MKO is an isolated group and does not have any base among Iranians. The large-scale expensive propaganda of the MKO strives to show off as an Iranian backed group but the more it tries the more it gets disappointed.

According to the RAND report sponsored by the office of the US Secretary of Defense, Mujahedin Khalq are “skilled manipulators of public opinion”. However, the MKO propaganda cannot manage to gain support of the Iranian nation. It is worth to the fact sheet  National Iranian American Council NIAC has provided on the MKO as a terrorist group that makes efforts to manipulate Western politicians and its unpopularity among Iranian inside Iran and abroad. *

By Mazda Parsi

*   http://www.niacouncil.org/site/DocServer/MEK_Factsheet.pdf

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