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Fatah movement: Abbas-Rajavi meeting insignificant

A member of the Fatah Central Committee described Abbas-Rajavi meeting an insignificant matter.

“This should not be discussed anymore as the PA president had landed to France for a meeting and Maryam Rajavi is based in the country,” Abbas Zaki told al-Alam.

Hosted by the France, Mahmoud Abbas’ meeting with Rajavi too place at his residence, so it is quite insignificant and meaningless, specially since Abu Mazen is against intervening in domestic affairs of other countries.

Highlighting the strong bond of friendship between Iran and Palestine, Abbas Zaki said, the relationship between the two countries was built on one and same goal and struggle to do away with all forms of dictatorship.

He added that Islamic Revolution has always prioritized Palestine and ach year Iranians celebrate the International Qods Day.

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