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The protection of terrorism, for what reason?

In the third celebration of June 17, day of arresting Maryam Azdanloo the third wife of Rajavi and the leader of Mujahedeen terrorist sect, who absconded three years ago, some of the statesmen such as DOOMINIK LOOFER, JAN PIER BEKEH, JIL PAROUEL, PIER BERSI, ROONEH DOFOUR and…. have been gathered in a conference to protect the sect of Mujahedeen, which has been in the black list of terrorist more than 10 years. Furthermore, the unreal protections of 300000 people of France citizens have been added.

The question is that why the government paid no attention to common views of France citizens? Is the meaning of freedom to advocate from terrorism?

Perhaps the advocators of Mujahedeen sect are not aware about the history of the sect. It’s enough to know that the sect ordered to its members to burn themselves for the arresting of Maryam Rajavi by the government.

Or they can look at the views of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi about the American and European statesmen. These statesmen are considered as gull and stupid persons who can be utilized as instruments.

Here, are some of the site addresses which can be helpful to get important information about the black records of Mujahedeen. Please take a glance:

 1- http://www.nejatngo.com

2- http://www.irane-ayandeh.com/








The blackfile  – 24June,2006

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