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MKO ex- members at the EU Press Club Conference

A delegation of MKO ex- members participated a conference held by the Press Club of the European Union in Brussels on the role of civil society in Europe and also Justice and human rights on 29 and 30 November 2016, Peyvand-e Rahayee Website reported.

Mr. Isa Azadeh , Mr. Ghorbanali Hossein-Nejad and Reza Sadeghi Jebelli participated the Conference.

During the conference the MKO-ex members met and talked to journalists, reporters and media staff of different European states such as Albania.

MKO defectors explained the situation of the MKO Cult hostages, esp. after their relocation in Albania. They also elaborated different aspects of the Cult manipulative techniques such as suppression, violation of human rights, complete mental and physical control over members, incarceration and torture and even assassination of dissidents, cutting members off the outside world esp. their family members, celibacy, cutting off any access to the outside media,… . Former members of the MKO Cult shared their experiences as eyewitnesses of the Cult practices with the audiences.  

Mr. Hossein-Nejad’s case as a father whose daughter is held hostage in Albania by the MKO Cult deeply affected the audiences.

European Journalists and reporters, esp. those from Albania made reports of the defectors’ delegation remarks. They got surprised hearing of the situation of more than 2000 Iranian individuals being held hostages by a cult in the European soil.

Balkan Free journalists interviewed Mr. Hosseinnejad , Azadeh and Sadeghi. The reporters hardly could imagine that the MKO members have no access to the outside world, media and phone. They took such a harsh censorship within the cult as a severe violation of citizenship and civil rights and condemned it.

By the end of this two-day conference, the MKO Cult defectors delegation participated the meeting of without-border journalists and explained how the Cult leaders deprive members of citizenship rights.

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