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MEK imprison members in Albania incommunicado

Mr. Chaseb Beyt Mashaal is the suffering father of one of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Cult hostages.

Mr. Beyt Mashaal has had no contact with his dear son: Malek for long years. He several times went in front of MKO Camps in Iraq along with other MKO members’ families. Their only demand was to be able to visit their loved ones who were kept within the Camp; however the MKO Cult leaders rejected their plea.

MKO members’ relocation to Albania was a good news for families who were worried about the security and safety of their loved ones in the war-torn country of Iraq.  

After all the MKO members moved to Albania, the MKO hostages’ families felt more hopeful to be able to contact their loved ones. However the Mujahedin Cult has imprisoned members in Albania incommunicado as well.

Mr. Beyt Mashaal also is waiting to hear from his dear son who has transferred to Albania.

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