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Open letter of Mrs. Zahra MOEINI to the Top Channel Media in Tirana, ALBANIA

Greetings I , Zahra MOEINI , am an Iranian-German who worked with Rajavi Cult in Iraq for many years or i would better say that i was a captive in that cult because i did not have any freedom whatsoever to communicate with the free world and my family . In that cult all the married couples were forced to get divorced by the direct order of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi. This forced separations was not just for married couples , the single ones also had to get divorced from their imaginary spouse in their minds . After those separations and forced divorces , all those married couples who had kids in that cult , were ordered by the leadership of this notorious cult to send their kids either to Iran or to foreign countries such as Europe and United States . Those miserable kids were sent to the fake associations of this cult in other countries and those associations gathered money from foreign people in the pretext of accomodating and feeding those kids , but in reality all those money which were gathered were sent to Iraq to buy bullets , arms , and ammunition for that cult . In 1992 , i got out of Iraq with Maryam Rajavi as her bodyguard and a member of her security team with almost 450 members of that cult and we entered France . After a while , i was sent to Germany and despite of my injury in Iraq , i was asked to go on streets to gather money from the foreign people for the cult purposes . For collecting money , we were told by the cult operatives that the European people are very naive and they believe whatever we say ,easily. We were told that we should not talk about our work with others outside of the cult and that was a red line for each of us, but after a while i found out that some of those miserable kids who were separated forcibly from their parents in Iraq were left alone in metro without any support and some of them were sexually abused by some of the cult supporters in California , USA. Those guys got caught by justice but when they came out of prison with the cooperation and coordination of the cult they could escaped from California and from Mexican Bay they could go out of USA. When i was in Germany i found out alot about their lies hypocracy and fraud and also i found out that this brutal and notorious cult does not care about the life and death of those stranded members in Iraq . This brutal cult does not care about the families of those stuck and stranded members and see them as enemy , so as i mentioned above , after finding out of all those atrocities and brutalities , i decided to escape from this notorious cult and i informed the German government about this cult. I would like to ask you a question as an independant and free media , do you know any organization or person or a political party who claims that he is pro democracy and freedom but he threatens his opponents and the critics to death ??yes this brutal cult threatened me to death just because i revealed some facts about them . Did you know that in this cult if someone wants to have a free life , he or she will be punished and the leaders of this cult force them to stay and work in the cult ? Did you know that in this cult , the leaders all the time brag about freedom and democracy but in reality you can not find any of those and instead you will be confronted with the worst dictatorship ? Every year the leaders and operatives of this cult spend huge amount of money to gather the retired generals and politicians in France and now they do the same thing in your country with money which has been gained by selling the vital informations of Iranian borders to previous Iraqi government just to pretend that they have lots of international support !!!!!! As you know that Maryam Rajavi and some of her high ranking members and operatives of this cult have traveled to your country and they have stayed there to suppress and brainwash the members . I am ready to share my thoughts and my experiences about this cult with anyone who is interested in knowing them better specially about notorious Ashraf Garrison , whenever and wherever they prefer. I am urging all parliamenterians and political figures to scrutinize the situation of all those stuck and stranded members in Tirana , Albania who are deprived of having simple reunion with their parents of families and loved ones and it is forbidden for them to get in touch with their loved ones by the direct order of Maryam Rajavi . I am urging all political figures in Albania to put pressure on the leadership of this cult to allow the members to reunite with their families and loved ones and to have access the internet and cell phone freely and to be free to communicate with outside world . I would like to warn you about their propaganda and deception and hollow slogans about democracy and freedom which they are very good at .

 All the best Zahra Moeini , Germany

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