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Repetition of an Appeal

“Imposing comprehensive oil, weapons, technological and diplomatic sanctions on the Iranian regime through the United Nations Security Council in order to deprive it from the resources that enable it to obtain nuclear weapons and dominate Iraq and removing the terrorist label from the People’s Mojahedin Organization play an important role in bringing democratic change in Iran”, said Maryam Rajavi in a part of her letter to sent to the leaders of the G8 holding a summit in St. Petersburg.

Why is she so heated on Iran’s nuclear file at a time when the world seeks to find peaceful solution to the issue? Is she the leader of an international body concerned about the threat of something the world is in doubt to curb? Not at all. She is waving to the world to say here is a mole to move the mountains in your deal with Iran!

She proposes sanctions knowing it is Iranian people who have to pay the price. She propounds the Security Council while the file is a task of the IAEA to monitor nuclear proliferation, something not yet proved about Iran. These suggestions, not new in the ears of the Western countries, are made to appease them for the final demand; please, remove “the terrorist label from the People’s Mojahedin Organization”. Why? Because then they would be free to give a helping hand to “play an important role in bringing democratic change in Iran”, namely, aiming to assume power at all costs. Then, what about the Iranian people she claims to preside? Who cares about people!

mojahedin.ws – A. Afshar – 18/07/2006

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