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Expulsion of Terrorists Stressed by Hakim

"Paramilitary groups should be dismantled, the use of weapons should be stopped, and the operation of releasing those prisoners who have been involved in terrorist activities should be brought to a halt," said Abdul Aziz al-Hakim.

According to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, the head of Iraq’s SCIRI, who was speaking at the third anniversary of the assassination of Seyed Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, stressed the need to direct efforts toward the formation of a federal government in southern and central Iraq and said:

"Security in Iraq can be guaranteed only along with issues like dismantling paramilitary groups, promoting the culture of obeying the law and disarming people."

He also called for the expulsion of terrorist groups from Iraq, with the MKO at top, and stressed that terrorist prisoners should not be freed. "A number of people involved in recent terrorist operations have been released. Releasing prisoners should be done under the supervision of parliament."

He said the role of fighting terrorism law should be strengthened and all those who support terrorism should be punished.

The head of SCIRI asked for the continuation of security cooperation with neighboring countries, the signing of agreements for extradition of criminals, border guarding and expulsion of suspects who don’t believe in Iraq’s new political regime. He also stressed the need for the formation of federal government in southern and central Iraq and said:

"We need federalism to establish security and development and believe that the government should take this issue very seriously."

He condemned Israeli crimes against Lebanon and asked Arab and Islamic countries to support the Lebanese and go on with their efforts to push towards ceasefire.

ISNA      2006/07/30

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