MKO’s Desperation

Terrorist group of MKO, when in the form of NCRI, claims to be the most inclusive collection of opposition groups and sometimes calls itself "Iranian resistance".

In a realistic view, this is an invalid claim than can get no attention and independent newswires, governments, political institutions and parliamentarians approach such claims with scoff.

On the other hand, MKO with a few non-MKO members of the council (called NCRI), faces a major problem: having no supporter in Iran.

When an organization expresses such claims, it should present examples of its influence on political and social scenes in Iran in order to get validity for its claims. However, we have seen in the past 18 years that it (MKO) has been able to perform a number of terrorist operations and in other cases, it has followed other political movements; movements that don’t accept MKO’s line. MKO has also tried stupidly to use Iran’s social events in order to feed it’s propaganda machine.

To cover political invalidity, lacking popular support and having no influence in political issues, MKO leaders claim that Iranian regime suppresses popular protests otherwise all Iranians will support the MKO!

This claim is also ridiculous, but the MKO even resorts to occasional reports in the Iranian press and present them in sarcastic way in order to prove it.

One such example can be seen in MKO’s recent statement:

"According to the state media, Morteza Talayee, the head of suppressing forces in Tehran said 6000 have been arrested in Tehran under the name of fighting drugs. He called the youths and opposition ‘hoodlums’ and reported of special operations to purify different regions in the following weeks".

To get the support of addicts by supporting smugglers, MKO’s propaganda system adds:

"These suppressing operations, that have wider range in Tehran, Azerbaijan, Sistan and Baluchistan, Khuzestan and Kerman, indicate that large mass protests and demonstrations have weakened mullahs’ medieval regime."

During 80s, when MKO members and supporters were arrested for terrorist operations and immediately expressed regret, addicts and smugglers protested that "why don’t they resist? We have fought for years and we have been jailed several times, but we don’t quit!"

Now, after 25 years, MKO leadership has got the message of those vets, promising of more "wider popular demonstrations".

However, in this case, it also seems that Mojahedin have been late because some of their competitors in the opposition movement have already taken advantage of the addicts!

Irandidban –  2006/08/05

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