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Desperation Prevails in Rajavi’s Cult

According to incoming reports, the gang of Rajavi and its leaders in Paris are facing a new major challenge.

The fact is that the stupid remnants of Rajavi had promised their desperate members, tired of relying on foreign powers, that they "would push the US to clash Iran in Iraq" and that "a new resolution would be passed against Iran" that will worsen Iran’s situation in the international scene.

However, since the previous resolutions have proved to be futile and with Iran-US’s scheduled talks, desperate members in political section of the group have cautioned that measures of Rajavi cult are useless. They are no more obeying, which is essential for the cult to control its members.

This wave started first among sympathizers and supporters of MKO in France and UK after Maliki’s government was elected in Iraq despite all MKO propaganda.

At that time, remnants of Rajavi promised their members that American’s wouldn’t allow Shiites to come to power but this, and all other, promises of the group came up to be false.

Following this, Mehdi Abrishamchi was appointed to control members in political section but his harsh behavior has worsened the situation.

However, in lower levels, they’re still promising the members that a new resolution on Thursday would be a blow for Iran; this has enraged disappointed members.

The atmosphere of desperation and disappointment prevails in Camp Ashraf and even commanders despite all slogans by MKO leaders.

In this situation, along with the efforts of Rajavi’s gang to survive, all the energy of the group has been allocated to this recent crisis and it has been ordered (by Rajavi) that it shouldn’t get to the media; commander in Camp Ashraf have been tasked with ending the process of defections.

Irandidban, May 22, 2007

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