IMPAKT 97: Jihad 2.0? What are the Iranian Jihadis doing in Albania? (part 1)

Anne Singleton – Khodabandeh an ex-Iranian mojahedin discusses with Dr. Olsi Jazexhi the presence of the Iranian mojahedin (Mojahedin Khalq: MEK, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult) organization in Albania.

The discussion is around the MKO, Daesh, FETO and other terrorist organizations that have recruited fighters in the Balkans and have used countries like Albania as a base against Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. They discuss the history of MKO, the process of radicalization, the use of terror as weapon of choice in the Middle East and the reasons why the American government uses terrorism and supports organizations like MKO for its geostrategical interests in the Middle East.

They debate the use by MKO of terms like the National Council of Resistance of Iran, democratic opposition of Iran etc to depict itself as a democratic organization, while this organization breaks the laws of Albania and calls for a violent war against a foreign country. The analysts ask why the Albanian government jails and “deradicalises” Albanian Suni jihadis who want to join the jihad in Syria, but tolerates the Iranian jihadis to call for war against Iran from Albania?

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Gazeta Impakt, Tiran, Albania


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