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Don’t let the MKO cult treat members inhumanly

Please help me visit my son

Following the MKO Cult leaders’ decision to transfer members to a remote place in Albania, a suffering mother whose son is kept hostage by the cult wrote a letter to the representative of the UNHCR in Albania. Some parts of the letter reads:”

With regards,

I am Soraya Abdollahi. My dear son Amir Aslan in under the physical and mental captivity of the terrorist cult of Rajavi aliases Mujahedin –e Khalq.

Amir Aslan left home to Turkey to find work in 2002. Unfortunately the Cult of Rajavi mercenaries tricked him and transferred him to Ashraf prison camp of the MKO in Iraq.

After the families’ striking in front of the Camp Ashraf, the Rajavi cult transferred members to Camp Liberty, Iraq and then to Albania.

Relocation of members to Albania gave me the hope that I would be able to visit my dear son after years by the help of Albania’s government and the UNHCR representative in Albania. Unfortunately still I couldn’t.

Now, after two years of the MKO members’ relocation to Albania, the cult is moving members to a remote and isolated camp somewhere far away from the capital.

Please prevent the cult to treat our beloveds inhumanly. I also ask you to facilitate my visit with my dear son.

A suffering mother, Soraya Abdollahi

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