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Defectors of the MKO independently paid by the UNHCR

MKO defectors in Albania

Defectors of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/MEK/the Cult of Rajavi) could manage to receive their monthly payment from the UN High Commissioner of Refugees, reported Sahar Family Foundation.

The UNHCR had stopped monthly payment and housing benefits for political refugees after they dissociated themselves from the MKO.

Once they rejected membership in the MKO, the group leaders had confiscated the monthly payment and the facilities that the UNHCR normally allocates to each refugee. Defectors could finally achieve their legal rights after their extensive protests to the UNHCR and the Albanian government.

According to SFF, the UNHCR has promised the defectors to resolve the problems they are faced with including their legal identity and work permits.

The UNHCR will also negotiate with the Albanian government about the defectors’ traveling permissions in Albania, reported SFF.



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