German Guarding Department on MEK Leadership

2006, Report

The organization[MEK] wants an absolute resignation and having authority over the whole world. The organization is under the authority of Rajavis couple. The National Liberation Army is ruled by women.

Women’s ruling in NCRI is presented as a model against the Iranian government.

The propaganda for democracy made by the organization toward the outside world is not used inside the organization. A type of leadership system, cult like, around the personality of Maryam and Masud with group obligation and Stalinist Cult leadership and psychological suppression have caused the members to suppress their own individuality in order to achieve their duties. They should obey the order of their leaders without criticizing. The members were even forced to divorce their spouses, by Masud. They were isolated from their families to focus on their duties in MKO completely and without any deviation. Their children has been brought to Western counties and kept in the so-called Children’s Houses.

The management of NCRI is under the authority of long –time women members who have always been responsible to report everything to the leaders completely and continually, in Iraq.

Since they missed their control headquarters in Iraq, the leadership must be under the control of their headquarters in Europe, ei in France.

One of the characteristics of MKO’s leadership is to circulate the members all over the world which is used in any dimension of their work. In the past they often used this circulation to move the female commanders of NLA to European headquarters or their headquarters in North America.

The continual circulation of members makes them not having a specialty in only a type of work so that they are prevented to create another center of power by side of Masud and Maryam. Therefore, in order to circulate members in the world and to keep the hierarchy of leadership and to be safe from Iranian Intelligence Service, they use a series of human smuggling system. They used false identities to smuggle members in the past. They use their supporters’ identities. The members of NLA receive serious military training and also guerrilla warfare training in about 15 camps in Iraq. Their weapons were firstly brought from Iraq. Therefore MKO was depended on Iraqi government and was supported by Iraqi state obviously.



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