Letter to Ms. Federica Mogherini,

Letter to Ms. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice‐President of the European Commission


High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice‐President of the European Commission

Brussels – July 1st, 2018

Dear Ms Mogherini,

With regards, we are the family of Malek Shara’i. He was captive inside the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, NCR, NLA, Rajavi Cult) in Albania. He spent the last 21 years as a modern slave in the organization.

Now after these long years, despite all the futile efforts that we made to see our loved one, we learned that Malek Shara’i, who, according to the evidence had most probably decided to leave the organization, was brutally murdered while trying to escape.

The MEK announced in a statement that Malek had drowned in a reservoir near to the MEK camp in the suburbs of Tirana, but not the slightest sign was found to prove this claim after two weeks of searching by expert divers and local police.

Malek was a professional swimmer as well as having been trained as a diver and lifeguard. Therefore the MEK’s hollow statement that he first saved someone and then later could not save himself is not acceptable.

Unfortunately, the Albanian authorities are silent in this matter, under the pressure of a terrorist cult, and do not make any moves and have even instructed the local police in writing to close the file and announce him as a missing person. No thorough investigation was made inside the MEK camp and among its residents.

Malek is not the first person who has been physically eliminated for opposing the policies and deeds of the cult. Our main concern is that he may not be the last.

We want to know how a terrorist cult can take up residence in a remote place in Europe and have an open hand to eliminate its discontented members. Why have the police and the authorities tried to close this controversial file as soon as possible? Has the body been found or is it known how he was killed that the organization announces him dead?

Ms. Mogherini

We members of Malek’s family (mother, brothers and sisters) urge you to question the Albanian government about why they have given in to a terrorist cult and have stopped the investigations and keep silent about it? The local authorities announced that no corpse has been found in the reservoir and therefore the MEK’s claim is a fabricated lie.

We wish you to intervene and ask the Albanian representatives and authorities, whose country has applied to join the EU, for explanations. The Albanian media have written about this matter but have had no impact at all. They have clearly written that to find the corpse they must look inside the MEK camp and not inside the reservoir. This is something the investigators must now be required to do.

Yours sincerely,

Mother: Masoumeh Torkamani

Brother: Hossein Shara’i

Brother: Jamal Shara’i

Brother: Abbas Shara’i

Sister: Zeinab Shara’i

Sister: Zahra Shara’I

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