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Albanian Investigators: Malek Shara’i’s drowning may have been staged

Where is this MEK Member?

Mojahed’s disappearance is shrouded in mystery, the body is not in the reservoir

After ten days have elapsed since the “drowning” of the Iranian inhabitant at the MEK camp at Golan, the authorities cannot find any trace of him.

Malek Shara’i

Three days of searching by the diving team in the reservoir where it was reported that the 47-year-old was drowned failed.

These circumstances reinforce the suspicions of the investigative group that they are dealing with a staging because it is suspected that they are dealing with an escape or murder of an Iranian citizen.

Sources from the investigative group told Ora News that there are suspicions that the Iranian’s drowning was staged as the entire reservoir has been searched by divers and the 47-year-old’s body has not been found yet.

The same sources point out that the 47-year-old, who has family in Iran, is suspected of escaping from the camp for still unclear reasons and his compatriots covered it by saying he had drowned.

According to them, on June 19, an Iranian citizen M.Sh. 47, resident in Golan, got into the reservoir of Rrotull village in Durrës, a few kilometers from their camp, to wash himself.

The Ora News film crew closely followed the searches that the divers and police conducted in the Rrotull village of the Manëz administrative department.

At the venue there were the forces of RENEA, a team of divers, Durrës police, and a representative of the Iranian community.

Off camera, Iranian expatriates said the 47-year-old had come along with three other compatriots to explore the area and drowned in the reservoir.

By: Leonidha Musaj ,  Ora News, Tirana, Albania

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