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Pentagon Nails the Coffin of MKO

Apart from verifying the accuracy of BBC’s report (that Pentagon dismisses report on employment of MKO members by US army), the conclusion of Adam Brooks, BBC’s correspondent in the Pentagon, at the end of the report is more important than the report itself and reflects a reality the MKO officials have been trying for months to deny. MKO leaders deny this reality in order to force the MKO members, which have no access to the news from outside, stay in Iraq.

What Brooks has revealed is that Pentagon has lifted its support for the MKO and this can be interpreted as the removal of the last obstacle for the expulsion of the group from Iraq. This means that opponents of MKO presence in Iraq should be assured that this terrorist cult has no supporter among US authorities, including Pentagon officials.

BBC quotes former Pentagon spokesman:

"With MKO’s records, we don’t consider it a supporter of human rights and democracy. This organization has also abused its own members."

Some may say that recent stance by Pentagon is something that has been expressed by US officials before, or they may consider it as a cover for Pentagon’s secret operations. But the fact is that C.Q’s report was prepared in order to make the Pentagon- which is accused of supporting and using terrorist MKO- state its clear stance on the issue of MKO after recent changes in the department and its policies in Iraq.

BBC even goes further and gives assurance on the issue by stating that the new Defense Minister will restrict covert operations and this means that no one will be able to support the MKO anymore.

It can be said that the new approach by the Pentagon means that efforts for keeping the MKO in Iraq have all failed and that Iraqi officials have succeeded in pursuing their decision (on expelling the group from Iraq).

However, why the remnants of Rajavi, being aware of these developments, still try to censor the news for the MKO members?

An important factor that should be considered with much care is that from now on the MKO will be directed by CIA.

This issue will be discussed in the near future.

Irandidban –  2006/11/29

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