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Pentagon Report and the MeK

Pentagon’s report about the Intelligence power of Iran once again has created opportunity for Pentagon Report and the MeKRajavi’s gang to try to pose itself. Referring to the content of Pentagon report on Iran, remnants of Rajavi forge that they are the greatest and the most dangerous opposition of the Iranian government.

Also, upon this report, MeK leadership makes effort to justify her accusations to some of the dissidents, to undermine their legitimacy and get rid of their disclosures especially about Rajavi’s moral and sexual corruption.

At first it should be noted that regardless of specific individuals named in the Pentagon report and their alleged relations with the Iranian government, which is raised unauthentic and ambiguous, the flow of defection from the MeK is accepted and believed by the world public opinion. More absurd than Rajavi’s striving to eliminate dissidents is her scramble to prove existence of the terrorist group MEK.

Pentagon’s report and the like that in previous years, with any intention, occasionally have been broadcasted, contrary to the claims of Rajavi and her gang, not only are not signs of the Islamic Republic’s breakup but prove authority of Iran and wholly mess up Rajavi’s illusions.

Interestingly, in none of American reports on the MeK – at least since the eighties – the group’s alleged roots in the Iranian society or its social base are mentioned. Rather, what is brought up is Iranian intelligence system’s confrontation with the Mek out of the country and its supposed utilization of dissidents of Rajavi. This indicates that even drafters of such reports are well aware that they are faced with a rootless and unimpressive group which is under tight control of information.

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