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MKO of No Use for Pentagon

Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Larijani revealed some details of MKO-Pentagon negotiations in a press conference.

In response to a question on the explosion of oil and gas pipelines in western parts of the country, he said: “The explosions were not in our country but there were some small activities in the west.”

“They are wasting their time and act foolishly. We control everything within our borders, particularly in the western borders.

Referring to the meetings of some Pentagon officials and MKO elements with purposes against Iran, he said: “They had a meeting between the two and Pentagon has asked for a plan against Iran.”

“Mojahedin-e khalq has offered a detailed plan for a year and half! However, Pentagon officials didn’t like it.”

Lartijani stressed that their level of understanding is limited to such bombings and explosions, adding: Planning to explode 3 to 4 oil pipelines is not good for a country claiming to be a superpower.

In response to whether he thought other groups were also seeking to hit Iranian interests in western parts of the country, Larijani said: Yes, other small groups, instigated by superpowers, wanted to hit Iran but they received irreparable damages from Iran.

In response to questions on military threats by the US against Iran, he said: “If they do that, the answer will be painful and the whole region will be damaged.


IRNA – 2007/09/15

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