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What benefit might the MEK have for the US?

I have wondered why the Trump administration has moved the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK, MKO, NCR, Rajavi terrorist cult) to a remote and isolated camp in Albania to keep them intact, even though they were meant to be deprogramed and disintegrated there in the first place.

I wondered what good they might be for the Trump administration now that they are more than one thousand miles away from Iran’s borders and just inside Europe.

Why should the Trump administration bother so much about them? The Americans clearly know how much the MEK are hated by Iranians; even by the opposition groups. And the US and its regional allies know full well that getting near to the MEK would cost them their political and international reputation.

This was until I received confirmed information from friends inside Albania that the MEK members have been used to intimidate politicians in the Balkan states and in Eastern Europe to yield to US demands in the region.

Now I know. The MEK terrorist cult in Europe can be used as the Sword of Damocles and hung over the head of the EU by the hawks of Washington to stoke US-EU conflict.
Everyone knows that the Trump administration is not keen on the internal and international policies of the EU on many subjects, including the Iran issue. And the MEK terrorist members residing just next door can easily be used to bully EU politicians.
I am now more certain than ever that reorganizing the MEK in Albania is a security threat to Europe rather than Iran. And the EU must justly be concerned about the presence of a US backed terrorist cult in Europe.

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