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MEK play the role of wedge-driver in the Persian Gulf!

Who will arrange the pretext for an attack on Iran?

Bolton and Rajavis

John Bolton has long been an active supporter of Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK). Will he use them to arrange the provocation he needs to trigger a war on Iran?

The United States has sent an aircraft carrier group to the Arabian Gulf. US”acting foreign president”John Bolton threatens war. The gunpowder is gathered around Iran. The question is whether anyone will now add fuel to the fire, that is, make the pretext that war cries need to trigger a war – and if so, who should.
Not only do we have the memory of the Tonkin Bay episode, the fake flag affair that was used as a pretext for starting the Vietnam War. There are several observers internationally who see the danger that something similar can happen here too. For example, it could take the form of an attack on US naval vessels in the Arabian Gulf or on strategically important installations in the area. Or it could be attacks on commercial vessels in the Persian Gulf. But who would do such a thing?
Iranian writer Massoud Khodabandeh, formerly a leading member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) organization, believes that this particular organization could play such a role.

Khodabandeh writes in Iranian.com that such a false-flag attack is in preparation. He points out that MEK has a headquarters in Albania and that the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln visited Albania on 1 May 2019 on its way to the Persian Gulf. There the ship should have taken on board people who spoke farsi, he claims.

John Bolton has long focused on just MEK as his preferred tool for triggering a regime change in Iran. In July 2017, he told a MEK delegation that the Trump administration would embrace their regime change regime in Tehran and recognize them as a serious alternative.
MEK marketed itself in its time as Marxist-Leninist. According to a report from the US State Department of 2009, their ideology today is a mixture of Marxism, Islamism and feminism. While they were previously strong critics of Israel and Zionism, they are now allies with Israel. In 1993, Bill Clinton, in a private letter to MEK’s leader, expressed his support for the organization. John Bolton is also one of those who has long supported MEK.
See also the New York Times and The Guardian about MEK’s relationship with Bolton.
One can choose whether to add weight or not to Khodabandeh’s assessments, but MEK’s close relationship with the United States and John Bolton does not make it unlikely that precisely MEK can play the role of wedge-driver in the Persian Gulf and spark the fire that causes the region to explode.
steigan.no – Translated by Nejat Society

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