Red Cross help MKO ex-members

  • Iraqi Authorities' Positions on Mujahedin KhalqIraqi Ambassador: MKO Should Leave Iraq

    Iraqi Ambassador: MKO Should Leave Iraq

    "From Iraqi government's viewpoint, MKO should not stay in Iraq," said Iraqi ambassador to Iran, Mohammed Majid Al-Sheikh. ..Supreme representative of Iraqi in Iran also said: "We have had negotiations with the international Red Cross to pave the way for their exit."

  • MKO former membersTwo more repatriated

    Two more repatriated

    Two more members of Rajavi's Cult, who had cooperated with the organization for a long time, declared their separation from the cult and sought asylum in American camp. Therefore, on Tuesday, May 3rd,2006 at 4 pm they could arrive Mehr Abad airport by the help…

  • MKO former membersA Former Member Returns Home

    A Former Member Returns Home

    Jaber Majdmian, expressing his happiness, said the situation in the MKO is inhumane. "In 1987, I joined the MKO in Iraq but from the beginning, I realized the terrorist and inhuman nature of the group.""I repeatedly tried to return to my family, but the MKO…

  • Nejat MissionsFamilies organize petition

    Families organize petition

    In a meeting held [with the assistance of Nejat Society] in Eastern Azerbaijan province on September 28, two defectors of MKO joined their families. In the event, a number of MKO members’ families signed a petition addressing Red Cross office in Tehran, Iraq and Switzerland…

  • IraqWhat Multi-National Forces Say about PMOI?

    What Multi-National Forces Say about PMOI?

    With assistance from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Ministry of Human Rights, ten former members of the Iranian Mujahedeen-e Khalq Organization based at Camp Ashraf returned home this month.These former members requested to be repatriated back to Iran upon arrival at…

  • MKO former membersThe list of the returnees to Iran

    The list of the returnees to Iran

    following the return news of 13 defectors of Rajavi’s cult who were settled in American camps, it is declared that these members with cooperation of Red Cross on a private flight of that organization via Mehr Abad Airport repatriated and joined their families.

  • MKO former membersReturn of  some MKO Defectors

    Return of some MKO Defectors

    13 former members have returned to Iran by the cooperation of Islamic Republic, Red Crescent, International Red Cross and other officials. Earlier, hundreds of other members of MKO who’d left the group’s camp in Iraq returned to the country.

  • Human Rights Abuse within Mujahedin Khalq OrganizationEU and Human Rights Watch Report

    EU and Human Rights Watch Report

    Unlike other cases, this time there are witnesses (with enough evidences such as Abu Ghraib prison and registered by Red Cross as prisoners), ready to give testimony anywhere anytime. As an opponent of HRW’s report said, one should look at the faces of victims when…

  • MKO former membersFive more MKO defectors repatriated

    Five more MKO defectors repatriated

    five more members of MEK fled from the evil Rajavi's Organization and repatriated, on August 23, 2005 . According to received news these defectors returned to Iran on a private flight by the help of International Red Cross.

  • MKO former membersThree MKO defectors joined their families

    Three MKO defectors joined their families

    ...about 500 MKO members have managed to flee Ashraf camp and successfully return home through the cooperation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Iran's Foreign Ministry. Most of those being kept by the MKO had left Iran in the hope of…

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