Mehdi Khoshhal

  • MEK ex-members

    Thanking Denis MacShane, Writer and Former MP

    I am the person who, on Wednesday sixth of December, was an invited guest to a Seminar in the European Parliament in Brussels about refugees. After the seminar, when I left by the main door of the European Parliament I was attacked by the Mojahedin…

  • UNOpen letter to Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN

    Open letter to Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN

    ... You should not allow this terrorist cult[MKO/PMOI/MEK], which utilizes the slogans such as freedom and democracy to cover its real entity, to take advantage of those popular uprisings. In their internal cultic relations the story is completely different than their slogans. This cultic organization…

  • Homa KhodabandeInterview with Homa Khodabandeh

    Interview with Homa Khodabandeh

    when you were born, your father was sent on duty to Sweden by MKO and your mother who was a British woman and had married your father when they were students, went to Sweden to show her daughter to her husband and asked to meet…

  • The cult of RajaviControl of The Power

    Control of The Power

    Now, I am publishing my Memories about the organization Mojaheds of People in Iran,Which is acknowledged as a Terrorist group by everyone, and The bitter events that happened To me in order that all people will Know about them and be aware Of this terrorist…

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