Amb. John Limbert on Iran and the U.S. policy of maximum pressure

The Trump Administration says it’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran is working, and its leadership is weakening. Part of that campaign – includes abandoning the 2015 nuclear agreement – which president trump called “the worst deal ever.” Since then, the U.S. has reimposed economic sanctions on Iran – and sanctioned its top diplomat, Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif.
One veteran U.S. diplomat says sanctions are not the answer.

Asieh Namdar sat down with Ambassador John Limbert – who worked and lived in Iran – and was one of the 52 American Hostages taken captive at the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.
They discussed everything from the current US policy on Iran, the need for diplomacy, and his memories as a hostage 40 years ago.

More memories from John Limbert

Amb. John Limbert in the 1970s visiting with U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Vice-President Walter Mondale.
John traveled to Iran long before his work took him there, and has a strong connection to the culture. His wife is also Iranian.
John Limbert in the 1970s with now Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.



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