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BBC Persian: What MKO has done in Albania?

MKO memebrs in Albania

MKO Camp in Tirana, Albania. It has been for 6 years that MKO’s members living in a camp on a hill, 30 kilometers from Tirana. In a report compiled by two BBC reporters it reads:

“the MKO has strict rules for its members. They are often dressed in the same clothes and are strictly monitored to the extent that thinking about sex is forbidden, too. They have even been deprived of outside communication, using mobile phones, and internet access for years.”

Many analysts consider the MKO as a cult.

A cult that has a lot of money, holds large meetings annually and in recent years, it has also pursued the fight against the Islamic Republic on social media.

The MKO has no good relations with journalists, but invites politicians from different countries to their meetings. Among them are U.S officials some of which has close ties to the MKO. Including this character: Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Giuliani has repeatedly recommended the MKO as a strong alternative to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which can establish democracy. “We are going to focus on Iran. The policy change that is the goal of our government or the regime change that the MKO has been working on for a while. If massive changes don’t occur in Iran, nothing in the Middle East will be correct.”
John Bolton, Former Donald Trump security adviser is also a major supporter of the MKO.” Ayatollah Khamenei’s Revolution “would not last until its 40th anniversary.”

According to US media these men were paid to speak in MKO’s meeting.

Saudi Prince and Former head of Saudi intelligence, Turk Faisal, referred to Massoud Rajavi the MKO’s founder as deceased in MKO’s conference in 2016 in Paris.

Massoud Rajavi was seen 16 years ago in public for the last time. Since then, only voice messages of him have been played for MKO’s members. Rumors of his being killed in US-led coalition attacks on Saddam Hussein’s government have been circulated in the same year, but there is no evidence.

Maryam Rajavi, who is considered by the members of the organization as the president-elect, has been the head of the National Council of Resistance since then. The MKO was previously on the EU, US and Canada terrorist list. The Council of Europe in 2008 and the United States in 2012 removed MKO from this list.

The MKO’s website explains: The MKO seeks to replace Iran’s religious dictatorship with a democratic and pluralistic State based on separation of religion and government. That respects individual freedoms and equality of men and women.

Many in Iran believe that this group opposed to the Islamic Republic is a marginalized and isolated group that they have no sympathy for the majority of the Iranian people.

Farrin Aassemi BBC – Translated By Terrorspring.com

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