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An Autopsy of the Ideological Media in Mojahedin Cult (2)

A remarkable complementary task in applying the news as working propaganda instruments is employment of the sponsored or paid newspapers, especially those circulated in Iraq. At the present, a number of Iraqi newspapers are directly and indirectly supported by MKO. The papers publish selected or exclusive news reports which in turn serve as sources of reference for MKO propaganda machine. That is to say, a single piece of news is repeated again and again with the difference that each time it is quoted from a different paper with a deliberate display of the front page. As an evidence of MKO’s trick of reporting news more than once but from different angles, Rassul Mohammadnejad, an ex-member, stated:

I remember the years when I was with Mojahedin in Iraq. One of the issues of my falling-out was why we announced a single move as many and even as hundreds. For instance, we launched a small operation ourselves but we saw that the media coverage of the same operation demonstrated as if many teams at different time ad places had carried out many operations. We knew well that they developed many phases of a single operation as fully accomplished operations to pose as a potential force capable of planning many operations every day.*

This news making method is actually applied in all other programs such as interviews, meetings, and so. We see that a matter and event of significance becomes the subject matter of many programs for the extent of many days and each time presented as if a fresh subject.

At times, the airing of the news projects the group’s strategy. In none of the aired reports concerning the US – Iran dispute over the nuclear file you may end up with a peaceful conclusion. The audiences regularly encounter an escalated tension on the horizon. No promising diplomatic and peaceful solution to the file is ever anticipated and the attempts are made to fan the existing dispute to reach a stalemate where the sole outlet would a military option.

In the case of Saddam’s execution, the reports are prepared so crafty that you come to believe that no body consents his hanging and that the executioners have to be prosecuted. Saddam’s being exonerated of all charges might depict a positive effect on the minds that the group’s past collaboration wit the dictator revolved on an axis of goodwill. Thus, when a dictator can be made into a hero, the terrorists can also be taken as pro-democrats.

Mojahedin are fond of being mentioned in the media for whatever cause, even if they are referred to as mercenaries and spies. Although revelation of Iran’s nuclear programs might be considered as an act of espionage rather than a political campaign, they recurrently and in any occasion advert to be the first to have disclosed the veiled activities.

Of course, many aired and published reports of events from inside Iran are merely distorted and exaggerated news and reports. A commonplace gathering of people before state-run or NGO offices is publicized as a big demonstration of dissidents and advocates of Mojahedin in Iran. The national and traditional events and celebrations, especially when the youths swarm into the streets, are reported as rebellions against the regime. Even in the case of quoting Iranian authorities, parts of speeches and comments are left out and are paraphrased so new subjects are formed to maneuver on.


To learn for yourself, have a look over Mojahedin’s TV programs and publications.


Omid Pouya – February 7, 2007

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