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A Piece of Advertisement to Buy Legitimacy

Once James Lukaszewski in The Media and the Terrorist stated that: “Media coverage and terrorism are soul mates – virtually inseparable. They feed off each other. They together create a dance of death – the one for political or ideological motives, the other for commercial success”.
MKO considers advantages of the effectiveness of the media in its cult-like activities so important that it uses a number of methods to manipulate the media. Exploited beyond their main purpose, the media are practical instruments to fulfill MKO’s ambitions. Besides their utilization to augment psychological warfare and propaganda blitz, the media are turned into the means of diffusing ideological teachings directly and indirectly.
MKO has proved that it is the master of propaganda and advertisement blitz and, of course, the successful advertiser is the master of a new art that converts the truth. The political advertising messages that MKO prepares to be released in some highly circulated papers may actually strengthen its information value to deceive readers especially those unfamiliar with its terrorist and cult nature concealed under a pro-democratic razzle-dazzle.
Here is a report by MKO’s official site giving details on an advertisement published by Washington Times’ Special Section on 111th Congress : “The January 14 issue of the Washington Times published the 10-point declaration announced by the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, for free Iran of future.”
The Washington Times’ Special Section has published nothing but a piece of advertisement for the money it has been paid. If the terrorist MKO think it works to be a highly valued purchase of legitimacy, so let them enjoy they illusion!

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