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From Jaderieh Prison to Hakim’s Base!

A year and half ago, the criminal gang of Rajavi obliterated two of its members in Iraq and then claimed that agents with Iraqi Interior Ministry’s uniforms had kidnapped them (in order to accuse the Shiites) and had taken them to Jaderieh prison!

After a while, the prison was shut and prisoners were all freed. Then, MKO’s lies on the issue were exposed and it became clear that the two members had not been in that prison. MKO spread lies at that time in order to instigate the US military.

Now, a year and half on, the MKO is again repeating its claims on its two members (obliterated by the group itself) to provoke US’s news sensitivities in Iraq and pave the way for confronting the Shiites.

The terrorist MKO, resorting to its exposed tactic, has claimed:

"In the summer of last year, following the kidnapping of two MKO members, Hussein Pouyan and Mohammed Ali Zahedi, who had been taken to Iraqi interior ministry, investigations of Coalition Forces indicated that these two members had been taken to the base of SCIRI and Abdul Aziz Hakim. There, they had been interrogated by intelligence agents and forces of Qods Force. There’s no doubt that if coalition had entered Hakim’s base last year, the kidnapped MKO members would have been saved."

It’s clear that the criminal gang of Rajavi is always resorting to old tactics to hide its role in the issue and put the US forces and Shiite Iraqis in front of each other. However, with the exposure of its lies, the role of Ashraf’s Gestapo in obliterating the two members of MKO becomes more and more clear. 

Irandidban – 2007/02/21

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